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Brake and Suspension Upgrades

Battle Born Brakes specializes in adapting modern components to classic vehicles

About BBB
Our History

How I Started

I've been a classic car and truck enthusiast my whole life and I've found that classic American vehicles have braking and suspension systems that leave a lot to be desired compared to modern vehicles.

My goal is to adapt modern components to classic vehicles in a way that makes them fit like an original component or at least as close to this as possible. I hire an excellent engineer and have a 3d scanner that lets this small business create products that are comparable to those of much larger companies.

About BBB

About Battle Born Brakes

In 2014 I moved to Las Vegas and began daily driving my 1956 Buick. I quickly realized the factory power brakes struggled to keep up with modern busy traffic (and a few extra horses under the hood) and I set out to create a better braking system. I am now located in Battle Ground, Washington. The name "Battle Born" is both a reference to the Nevada state flag where this business began, and the small city of Battle Ground where I currently am located.

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