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This is a special made hydroboost booster that has all of the same mounting specs as an OEM 1984-1986 Ford pickup brake booster. It bolts in exactly like an original booster and accepts your existing master cylinder. These are much more powerful than any vacuum booster, but at the same time are not overly powerful. Your original pump will work well.

Included are two 6an stainless lines for plumbing this in, and AN adapter fittings.

With the exception of steering fluid and brake fluid, this is everything you need to put hydroboost in your truck in under a couple hours.

Included parts:
Hydroboost booster, brand new
two stainless 6AN hoses
Assortmen of AN fittings
Black rubber return hose


1984-1986 Ford F150 F250 F350 Hydroboost Brake Booster Upgrade HB152

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