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This is an adjustable width bracket composed of 6 steel pieces plus hardware and a drilling template that allows you to mount a divorced thransfer case in just about any frame. This is meant to help convert 1967 to 1979 Ford 2wd trucks to 4wd using a dirvoced transfer case but really this could be used in just about any application. It fits narrow and wider frame Fords as it has adjustable width. Pictured it is on a 1978 F250 2wd. This sort of frame goes from 34" to 37.5" outside width and here where the transfer case is mounted it is about in the middle of that range.


Included is a drilling template to allow for accurate and easy drilling.


The hardware and bushings to mount the case to the bracket are not included.

Transfer Case Installation Bracket for NP205 Divorced Case TCD

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