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These brackets are helpful for swapping modern Super Duty sterling axles in classic trucks with 37.5" wide rear frames. They can be used in narrower frames but instead of being self locating, will need to be welded on the sterling axle. These brakcets allow both shocks to bemounted forward of the axle. The original brackets were meant to have one shock in front and one shock rear of the axle. Classic fords commonly have a fuel tank in the way preventing the use of a rear mounted shock.


I designed these based off of a 2007 sterling 10.5 from an F350 Super Duty. I am not sure to what extend there are variations in Sterling axles and I can't say for sure what year range these fit. The locator studs on the axle were in different positions right and left. To the best of my knowledge, these fit a wide range of Super Duty rear axles. 


These brackets require use of oem U bolts (the small shock ones, not the large leaf spring ones). I do not sell those U bolts.


1 order gets you 2 pieces (1 pair) of brackets 

Sterling rear axle shock mounting brackets, bolt on for 37.5" rear frame RS4

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