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This is a variety of AN adapter fittings and one length of 6AN PTFE hose for plumbing in a Super Duty steering box in your classic ford truck. The SD boxes have a 18mm o ring port on the high pressure side and a 16mm o ring port on the low ressure return side. In addition to those fittings, 5/8 male flare, 5/8 o ring, and 16mm o ring fittings are included to accomodate most any pump.

FE engines that have a pump with a small metal filler neck will need the optiona 5/8 female fitting. Becuase there is limited room behind the pump, this requires we make a section of 3/8" stainless tubing that has a female tube nut on one side, and the other male side geta a 6AN adapter. It's a fairly expensive thing to make so this adds $15 to the price

High pressure hose lengths are in 12" and 18" options. Keep in mind you will probably use the 90 degree adapter and the hose will make a "C" shape rather than run a direct shot.

Low pressure return hose is not included- but a barb adapter and hose clamps are included. So you only need to get a length of 3/8" black rubber return hose rated for ATF.

One 90 degree AN adapter is also included.

Plumbing for SD Steering Box Conversion SDVP1

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