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This is for three machined aluminum spacers, one bolt (1"-14 x 5-1/2", and one 1" locknut that are helpful for connecting a rod end to the a Super Duty high steer arm.

For applications with lots of lift (and usually 38"+ tires), high steer is a necessity. The best knuckle option seems to be Reid Racing D60002FR and the best high steerm arm seems to be Artec HS6103. Then the issue becomes how to connect a drag link to the high steer arm. The Atec arm has a 1" center bore and you can use bushings to adapt to a smaller bolt, but it's nice to not have bushings that could wear out. The Artec arm has a small recessed area on each side where the 1" bolt goes. These spacers are machined to contour to the Artec arm's shape exactly.

For rod ends, you can use FKB-RSMXL12T and FKB-RSMX12T and then a piece of 1.5" OD 1.0" ID DOM tube and then a rod end and jam nut like QA1-EXMR16-1 and QA1-JNR16S-1.

Misalignment Spacers and 1" Bolt for High Steer HS1

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