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This is for a 4 link setup only. A pair of frame brackets, 4 tubes, rod ends, and hardware are included. The rest of the axle conversion parts are sold separately.

We are moving towards having three different 4 link options for SD axle converted Fords which are:

Low lift 4 link that has the upper tubes formed in an "S" shape to mount beside the frame, accepts 0 to 2" SD lift springs, made with 1.75" OD tubes.

High lift 4 link that has all 4 straigh tubes mounted under the truck, accepts 4 to 6" SD lift springs, made with 1.75" OD tubes.
Mega lift 4 link that has significantly larger tubes and is meant for a 6 to 8.5" SD lift spring and usually paired with 38" to 40" tires, made with 2.0" OD tubes

2wd OEM applications with standard height spring buckets- these buckets effectively add 3" to the lift height compared to any other application and that affects which 4 link you can use. With an oem used SD coil, you can use either low lift or high lift 4 link.

As of late 2023 we don't have all of these stocked and ready to go- so please message before ordering to understand lead time.

This high lift 4 link assembly is used to help install a 2005+ Super Duty front axle under your 1967 to 1979 F series pickup and accomodate a 4 to 6" lift SD coil (or in the case of a 2wd original truck with standard buckets, a 0 to 2" lift spring). It consists of a pair of frame mouned brackets, 3/8" wall 1.75" OD DOM tubes, Rock Krawler brand rod ends, and hardware. This is an extremely heavy duty and well made kit.


This does NOT include the rest of the components necessary for the swap. For example, no spring buckets, track bar bracket, steering components, or other parts are included. This 4 link can be added to a front end kit purchase for additional $1,200.00 and feel free to message me to put together that sort of order.



These tubes are machined on either end- the rod link end has 1.25" threads, NOT welded on threaded ends, then the other end has the outside diameter cut down for the last .25" so that the "C" shape pieces perfectly locate and sit over the tubes. The tubes and "C" pieces get welded together, then a cone shape steel piece slides over top and is welded to the tube and "C" piece, greatly adding to it's strength. The tubes are 3/8" wall and this assembly weighs more than the radius arms. The rod ends are Rock Kralwer part number RK05068. These are well made greasable rod ends. While they should last a lifetime, they are fully serviceable and in a worst case scenario replaceable.


Please know that 4 link takes more time and is a little more tricky to set up than a standard radius arm. It is very doable and you don't need any special tools (well besides a 27mm socket and wrench). Where radius arm brackets and radius arms can be installed in about 2 hours, 4 link takes maybe double that.


As always these are designed, engineered, sourced, laser cut, formed, machined, welded, and powdercoated in the US!

High Lift 4 Link for 1967-1979 Ford Trucks for 2005+ Super Duty Axle Swaps HI4L

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