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Master cylinder is not included. The Wilwood masters retail for about $275. The pictures are for illustrative purposes only.


Here is a hydroboost system for classic Ford trucks that accepts a Wilwood master cylinder. Keep in mind that these master cylinders have a 1.12 inch bore so they don’t have quite the same good pedal feel that other hydroboost systems with larger bore masters offers but they are still an improvement over most F250 original master cylinders. 


These specially made hydroboost units are basically the rear half of a Ford super duty hydroboost and the front half of a generic GM Hydroboost. The Wilwood master cylinder is  a GM design and bolts right on. For that matter you can install most any corvette style master cylinder on these.


I don’t plan on selling the Wilwood master cylinders so this will be available as a kit without the master cylinder, or as a booster only to upgrade a previously purchased hydro kit


I do not recommend these to be used with Super Duty axles. The calipers require more fluid volume. Most any 1970’s style disc brake axles will work well with these.


$775 delivered as a complete kit that does not come with a master cylinder but does come with bracket, hardware, plumbing
$475 delivered booster only. I realize that’s a little spendy but these are a low volume specially made piece so my costs are high



Use with part numbers 260-8556P (polished), 260-8556-BK (black) or 260-8556 (plain)

Ford hydroboost for use with Wilwood Master Cylinder WWHB1

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