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November 2023 update on the design of brackets: These no longer require a hitch receiver. The rear bracket holds the shackle higher up and has a small support brakcet that goes underneath the frame and supports the bottom of the rear brack. I have not  updated my pictures yet to show this. The forward bracket is unchanged. 

These spring brackets are designed to mount onto Ford F250 4wd highboy trucks and allow you to install 2017+ Super Duty leaf springs. An OEM 2 leaf + 1 overload SD spring with the SD 3.5" lift block will put the rear of your highboy at factory height. The ride quality with these springs are just amazing. Very smooth and soft, without compromising towing/hauling ability. The springs from the high fross weight trucks will give less of a ride quality benefit. 


Here is the neat thing about these spring brackets: Every bracket uses at least one factory drilled frame hole! You don't even need a tape measure to mount these in. No worries or headache aligning it all. You do need to drill a grand total of eight 1/2" holes in your frame and four 1/2" holes in your hitch receiver (out of a total of 16 bolt holes to mount these). The brackets work as a template for the drilling location- no guess work.
This can be used with your original Dana 60, a new super duty axle etc. Either way you do need to cut your factory perches and weld new perches meant for a 3" wide spring.
This listing includes all four brackets, enough to swap out both of your rear springs for super duty springs. 16 new 1/2" grade 8 bolts and all metal lock nuts are included!
You will need to separately purchase these things:
  • Rear 2017+ Super Duty leaf springs - make sure they have 2 leaves  + one overload
  • Alternatively, Skyjacker FR173S, FR175S, or FR177S work great and give 3, 5, or 7 additional inches of lift. The FR173S spring will get you close to oem height without the use fo a block (you might end up with a 1" block)
  • Axle leaf spring perches for 3" Spring. Factory Dana 60 axle tube is 3.125" Diameter. (See Ballistic Fabrication 1069-25)
  • Leaf Spring plate (See my other listing)
  • Leaf Spring Shackles original to 2017+ SD. Ford part number 3C3Z-5776-AB for example
  • -U Bolts- upgrade to 5/8"! (see Superlift 11604 for example, but the length depends on your lift blocks) no lift block = about a 9" U bolt. longer is ok too. 
  • 1/2" Drill bits- I recommend using a 1/4" drill bit first to cut a pilot hole, then finishing with 1/2"

Ford Highboy Rear Leaf Spring brackets for 2017+ Super Duty springs 4wd F26BRLSD

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