This replaces a 1967-1977 F250 4wd front leaf spring bracket and lets you add a winch and LED lights, as well as keep the leaf springs. It is made of 1/4" steel and is quite heavy. There are two shackle tabs welded on the front sides of this bracket for adding shackles.


I have two versions- one for oem highboy springs, and one for 1999-2004 Super Duty lift springs.


These brackets are sandblasted and powdercoated satin black for an exceptional finish. These are mostly formed (bent) with minimal welding and overall have a high end appearance.


While installation is easy enough, removal of your original bracket will require removing several rivets and this can be a pain without a good air hammer.



-Winch/leaf spring bracket with welded on tabs

-7/16 hardware for installation

-Bolts for leaf spring pivot point (9/16 for oem spring version, M18 for SD leaf version)


Not Included:

-LED lights, such as Nilights NI-14024C-B (UPC 812227031909) or similar. Several other part numbers will work but this is what I used



Ford Highboy Leaf Spring Bracket with Winch and LightProvisions