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There are two versions of this bracket- one that is am OEM replacement, and a version with larger diameter spring eyelet holes that are spaced further down and further forward to accomodate 99-04 Super Duty leaf springs! Please note that these brakcets are only compativle with oem 1970's and eaerlier front axles regardless of which springs you use. The later leaf spring axles have a wider distance spring to spring.


These brackets are made of heavy 1/4" steel and formed on a press brake, with minimal welding.


The Super Duty spring conversion is popular on 1973-1977 F250 4wd highboys because Super Duty springs ride well, are readily available, are dirt cheap, give all sorts of lift options for cheap, and they are a heavier duty design with the military wrap and two full length leaves. A lot of people make two big compromises when they do this conversion- they cut off the military wrap and they shoehorn the front spring eyelet into the factory highboy mounting location. This is no good because first, the military wrap is part of the benefit of SD springs, and second you axle will be pushed towards the rear, causing your tires to be closer to the cab and causing the rear shackle to be at more of an angle. The SD leaf  version of this kit solves both of these problems because it moves the mounting location down just shy of an inch, giving plenty of room for the military wrap, and moves the mounting location forward about 1", placing the axle location in the same location as factory and giving a better (factory) angle on the rear shackles. It gives all the benefits of Super Duty springs without the compromises! In addition, the eyelet bolt holes are the correct size for the much larger SD eyelet bolts.
This bracket is CAD designed, laser cut, and made of 1/4" thick high quality steel. It weights double to triple what the original spring mount bracket weighs. Every aspect of this product- from designing to cutting to welding is done right here in the USA.
This SD version works very well with Pro Comp lift springs. 22210 will give a 3" lift. 22410 will give a 4 to 5" lift. 22610 will give about a 7" lift. Factory height 1999 to 2004 SD springs will keep your highboy right at its factory height +/- 1".
Factory style U bolts work fine. Dorman 35663 is a great upgrade to a 5/8" U bolt. 
Your factory shackles will work with pro comp lift springs and of course original springs. If you use a factory height SD leaf spring, you will likely want shackles that are about 1" longer than factory. 

Ford Highboy Front Leaf Spring Bracket 1967-77 F250 4wd F26BFL

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