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This is a complete bolt in kit designed to work on 1960s and 1970s Ford medium duty F600- and likely F750- trucks that gives you a firewall mounted Super Duty power brake booster and master cylinder. This is for applications that came from the factory with a firewall mounted booster and the firewall has a 5.0" by 4.75" bolt pattern. This kit installs in about an hour and requires no cutting or permanent modification. It works with your existing brake pedal.


Master Cylinder Options

This only comes with a 1.375" bore master cylinder. These applicaitons have a lever assembly inside the firewall that multiples movement and divides force, which has the same effect as going to a larger bore master. You would otherwise use a 1.5" bore master in most medium duty applicaitons. 


This setup puts out about 1600 psi as well as a large amount of fluid and should be a good match for medium duty drum brakes. This brake booster is a whopping 11" dual diaphragm. That's about as big as they get. With medium duty applications, valve cover clearance is not an isuse.


Included parts with this kit:

Firewall to SD booster bracket, painted black

Super Duty Brake Booster 1999-2004 style (Motorcraft 5C7Z2005A or equivalent)

Super Duty Master Cylinder (Motorcaft 5C3Z2140MA or equivalent)

Custom steel bushing designed to mate SD booster eyelet to factory bake pedal

High quality grade 8 hardware for entire install

Flare adapter fittings- to connect standard 7/16" inverted flare fittings to the master cylinder (common on 1/4" lines)
Flare plugs- for the unnecesssary ports on the MC


These brackets are designed, laser cut, and formed right here in the USA. The parts supplied with them are top quality

Ford F600 w/ Factory Firewall Booster Vacuum Super Duty Booster Master Kit F6VB3

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