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As of 11/24/23, these are in stock with the exception of a 2 week lead time on the 1967-72 pickup version and a 2 week lead time on the grill guard tubes.

Pricing is as follows:
$900 base price for lower body only, fully welded except shackle tabs, including shipping to the US

$180 extra for light provisions welded in
$250 extra for winch provisions (this includes a larger bumper body and a 1/4" formed internal framework)
$300 to sandblast and powdercoat w/o grill guard, or $400 with grill guard, otherwise these are in raw steel.
$525 for the grill guard in a you-weld-it version, or $700 if we weld it all up.
$350 freight only required if you want us to weld the grill guard. This includes crating. Otherwise it's free shipping if we don't weld the grill guard on.

This fabricated bumper was meticulously designed and engineered around 1967-79 Ford trucks. It is made mostly with forming (press brake bending) and with minimal welding on the outside surface so it has a very clean and smooth appearance. The bumper is made of 10 gauge steel with an internal framework of 10 gauge and 3/16" steel. The winch version has a large formed 1/4" winch cradle that spans outside of frame rail to outside of frame rail. This heavy cradle takes the load of winching rather than the bumper (unlike other aftermrket bumpers out there).

These bumpers are mounted with brackets that are sold separately. There are 4 main variations in frame rails for pickups made fom 1967-79 and this is the only way to have a bumper that is removeable (not weld on) and has full adjustability in all directions.

Please view the gallery page here for more pictures:

There are several things to know before ordering:
-You need to separately purchase mounting brackets
-Most pictures of this bumper and the various options are on the gallery page

-The winch version is about 3.5" deeper and is a good amount heavier than the non winch version. They look similar but every piece is different
-The version that accepts lights needs 3.5" round lights and two main options are Rugged Ridge 15209.01 for about $80 each or cheap ebay lights for about $15 each
-Most modern winches should work, this is not made to work with older winches. I have tested with Warn M8000, Warm Evo 10S and a 12k Superwinch. 

-Bumpsides (1967-72) require slightly different ends to give the fenders more room. Everything else is identical
-Weight of the bumper is approximately 85 LBS non winch and 120 LBS winch, with the upper grill guard adding about 35 LBS.
-The grill guard tubes are 2" OD 0.120" wall steel tube
-Shackle tabs are NOT welded on to allow easier shipping via UPS ground. They are included and will be wired to the inside of the bumper
-Every bumper has tiny holes that act as locators for both the grill guard and the shackle tabs. If you don't want these things, the holes can be welded in, or are small enough that paint or powdercoat should cover up
-Every bumper has 2" holes for the grill guard tupes. If you don't order a grill guard, we weld in 2" caps that look aesthetic.

-For powdercoated bumpers, we do weld on the shackles and either send them freight or UPS with extra packaging

-Shipping without the upper grill guard welded and without shackle tabs can be done by UPS ground. Adding either of those requires crating and freight shipping. Also the only way a powdercoated bumper will show up looking good is going to be with crating and freight. Crating and freight adds a lot to the price. 

-We are going to try to stock these and get them out with minimal lead time, but some lead time is inevitable

Fabricated Front Bumper for 1967-79 Ford Trucks

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