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As of mid-September about half of thee parts are in stock and I expect to have all parts stocked with minimal lead time by mid October

This is a very complete kit to install a 2005+ front axle, suspension and steering in your 1967 - 1979 half ton 2wd pickup. These come in two main height options, with the standard height buckets lifting your truck about 7" and for most applications this is enough to avoid inteference from axle to engine crossmember. The lower option lifts the truck about 4" and requires notching your engine crossmember. The picture with the tape measure held to the fender is with a standard height spring bucket, 33" tire and oem 2005 SD springs.


You will need to check my fitment guide (see link below) to make sure you purchase the correct version.


This kit is designed to be as close to bolt in as possible and uses existing factory drilled bolt holes and rivet holes. The steering box install requires welding.


These brackets are laser cut, cnc bent, welded, and powdercoated right here in the USA. They are designed and engineered through 3d scanning and modeling in Solidworks.


See this page for instructions:



Here is a gallary page with dozens of pictures:


Radius Arm (or 4 link) Bracket Type:

The difference between the radius arm bracket options is mostly in the bolt pattern. See this page to confirm radius arm bracket tpye:

Feel free to send me a picture of your frame rail, about 18" behind the front cab mount.


Standard Hieght vs Drop Version Buckets and Radius Arm Brackets:

A standard height version raises the truck significantly to allow for clearance of the engine crossmember. The "drop" version still raises the truck a lot, just 3" less and requires cuttng and welding of your engine crossmember.  The drop version has more of a factory 4wd appearance rather than a lifted appearance.


The drop version has radius arm brackets that are tighter to the frame. The radius arms are less ovciously visible. This makes for a cleaner appearance that is not obviously swapped, at least at first glance.


The orange 1975 F250 crew cab is pictured with 33" tires and the drop version conversion kit in the above link of pictures of swapped trucks.


The big down side to this kit is that it requires cutting and welding of your engine crossmember, front and back. It is much easier to do this without an engine in the vehicle.


The other down side is that you may need an adjustable track bar. I recommend testing out the converion with an oem Super Duty track bar, and if the axle is not centered your best solution will be to get an adjustable track bar bracket.

Track Bar Backet Drop Options
More lift requires going to a drop pitman arm and a drop track bar bracket (Type 2). Standard height buckets with any size of lift spring or drop height buckets with 4" or more lift springs require going to a drop track bar bracket (type 2) and a pitman arm like Skyjacker FA450. Everything else can use the more common type 1 TBB.

TBB Type 1 is the most common and works with an oem used pitman arm
TBB Type 2 is less common and required for the applications with 38"+ tires and more lift than just oem coils with standard height buckets. You can use this for less lift but it is not required.

For even lager amounts of lift (roughly 4" w/ standard buckets, 8.5" w/ drop buckets) keep in mind you also need to go to high steer and a fabriated track bar bracket with a new highe mounting location welded on the axle. This is normally for 40" tires.



Tire Size and lift height
33" tire- drop height, oem used SD coils

35" tire- drop height, 2" lift SD coils
37" tire- standard height, oem used SD coils or drop height, 4" lift SD coils
40" tire- standard height, 4" lift SD coils or drop height, 8.5" lift SD coils


4 Link Otion:

As an alternative to radius arm brackets, I have a 4 link kit that mounts in the same holes on the frame as the radius arm bracket. There are three different 4 link options depending on the amount of lift you'll have. All 4 link tubes have machined threads, not cheap weld on ends. Low lift 4 link is normally stocked and the higher lift 4 link normally has lead time.

Low lift 4 link- 3/8" wall 1.75" OD DOM tubes, Rock Krawler 1.25" threaded rod ends, with the upper tubes formed  in an "S" shape to wrap around the side of the frame. These work with standard height buckets with oem used SD coils, or low lift buckes with up to 2" lift springs.

High lift 4 link- 3/8" wall 1.75" OD DOM tubes, Rock Krawler 1.25" threaded rod ends. All 4 tubes are straight and mount underneath the frame. These work with standard height buckets and oem used coils on up to 4" lift SD coils, or Drop height buckets with 2" to 6" SD lift coils.

Mega lift 4 link- 0.283" wall 2" OD DOM tubes, Ballistic Fabrication 1.5" threaded rod ends. All 4 tubes are straight and mount underneath the frame. These tubes are signiciantly longer. These work with standard height buckets and 4" to 6" lift SD coils, or Drop height buckets with 6" to 8.5" SD lift coils. This setup looks really great with the drop buckets and 8.5" lift springs.  Keep in mind with this much lift you need high steer and a fabricated track bar bracket that is mounted higher up on the axle.

These 4 link are for sale separately but you save $200 when buying with teh front end kit becuase you won't need radius arm brackets


Included parts:

Radius arm brackets, welded and powdercoated black

Coil spring buckets with provision for shocks, welded and powdercoated black

Track bar bracket with machined soacer, welded and powdercoated black

Plates and spacers for 05-08 steering box conversion, raw steel

Machined tube ends and lock nuts for 1.5" DOM for drag link

Hardware- for all of the above parts, all high quality


Parts you need to purchase separate (all off of 2005+ Super Duty):

Bump stops- see the instruction page- note that the drop height version needs smaller bump stops

Front axle- 2005 to 2016

Coil springs- 2005 to 2016 used oem or lift

Coil spring isolators - part number 5C3Z-5415-AA for example 

Shocks (factory height SD shocks work with factory height SD springs)

Radius Arms

2005-07 SD Steering box and pitman arm

Section of 1" ID 1.5" OD dom tubing for drag link such as TU1031 from summit racing

2005-07 Rubber flexibe brake hoses- DORMAN H620626 and H620627 for example

2005-2016 Track bar





F150 F100 2wd to 2005+ Super Duty front axle, steering and suspension kit SDAF15

  • Returns accepted within 60 days of purchase date. 10% restocking fee if parts not installed, 25% or more restocking fee depending on condition if parts installed

  • All steel parts warrantied to be free from defect for the lifetime of the product. I do not cover any damage to your vehicle or other parts that I do not sell.

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