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This is a complete kit to upgrade your 73-79 Ford truck to 99-04 Super Duty hydroboost power brakes. This provides phenomenally more braking power than your factory vacuum booster. This kit includes Super Duty hydrobooster, Super Duty master cylinder, bracket to mount to 1967-79 Ford (there are some differences, I need to know about your truck!), complete plumbing with assembled 6AN PTFE hoses and fittings. Picture #1 shows everything that is included.

This is a first of its kind- a complete bolt in kit designed to work on 1979 and older Ford F100, F150, F250 and F350 trucks that gives you a later model Super Duty hydroboost  brake booster and master cylinder! You will get significantly more fluid pressure and volume coming out of this master cylinder. This kit installs in about an hour and requires no cutting or permanent modification. It works with your existing brake pedal.

Figuring out steering box and pump fitting types can be confusing, so AN adapters for all original steering boxes and most original pumps are included with every order (5/8 flare male, 5/8 male o ring, 1/2" flare male). Also a 16mm o ring fitting is included in every order for modern engine swaps with metric pumps. FE engines with the small metal filler neck pump have a 5/8 flare male fitting on the back of the pump and require a unique female fititng. Fittings are marked with tags showing the size and likely locaiton of each to make assebly easy.

The master cylinder has a 1 3/8" bore. Your factory master cylinder likely has a bore of 1.00" and that woud make for surface area of .785" square inches. A bore of 1 3/8" has surface area of 1.485 square inches. This setup puts out nearly double the fluid volume and that contributes to a better pedal feel. In other words, goodbye squishy/low brake pedal! This works great with original disc/drum brakes and modern SD axles.

This brake booster will be powered by hydraulic fluid from the steering pump. Your factory power steering pump will work great to power this and you will not have any adverse effects on your power steering. You will of course need to have a good functioning power steering pump, so if yours is questionable, now is a good time to replace!


These Super Duty hydro boosters are about as powerful as they get! Most factory 71967-79 brake boosters are either a single 9", a single 11" or a dual 9" diaphragm. You will feel like your braking power triples with this kit.


There are several vraiations of mounting brackets depending on your pedal assembly, which depends on your original booster type. Too see pictures and info of original booster types, see this link:

Included parts:
1967-79 firewall to SD hydroboost bracket
Custom machined steel bushing designed to mate SD booster eyelet to factory bake pedal
Super Duty Brake Booster 1999-2004 style (equivalent to Motorcraft BRB33)
Super Duty Master Cylinder w/ reservoir, 1999-2004 style (equivalent to Motorcaft BRMC28)
AN hose and fittings for steering pump to hydroboost
AN hose and fittings for hydroboost to steering box (or power assist for highboy owners)
Rubber return hose, tee fitting and hose clamps for return line from steering box and hydrobooster
 to pump
High quality grade 8 hardware for entire install

Detailed instructions with pictures and info

Not included parts that you need to buy:

Steering fluid

Fluid cooler if necessary
 (for warmer climates, towing, etc)

Brake lines

These brackets are engineered and laser cut right here in the USA. All hoses and fittings are sourced from top quality manufacturers such as Aeroquip, Russell and ICT Billet.


Will this work with front drum brakes? 

No, these will cause unintentional skidding with drum brakes in the front. Disc brakes in the front and drum in the rear is ok.

What should I do about my proportioning valve? 

Factory proportioning valves seem to work well with a combination of this booster and either oem brakes on the four corners, or even with modern axles and calipers. Re use your original proportioning valve and only change out if needed.

How long does this take to install? 

About 1 to 2 hours. Obstacles such as breaking rusty original fittings or bolts, etc can add to the time and complication.

Do I need to upgrade any brake parts to handle the higher pressure? 

You should plan on replacing all three rubber brake hoses if they are old or you are unsure of your age. Original style hoses, lines, and calipers are fine.

Will my factory power steering pump power this ok? 

Yes, it will power it just fine. Super Duty (and most modern PS pumps) do put out higher pressure, but this kit combined with your factory power steering pump will put out gobs of braking power. You of course need a good functioning power steering pump. If your pump is on its way out, replace it now.

Will this make my truck hard to steer? 

No, you will not notice any changes to the feel of your steering. 

Do I need a fluid cooler? 

It's a good idea, especially if you live in a warm environment. Derale Cooling Products 13502 is a good option with 3/8" hose barbs that is easily plumbed in. A cooler is plumbed in the return line, NOT the pressure side. 

What about the brake lines?

Plumbing the new master cylinder in is surprisingly easy. The factory proportioning valve is located straight down on the inside of the driver side frame rail. Brake lines can be easily made to plumb in with the included flare adapter fittings. Minor bending for final fitment will be needed but this can be done by hand without any tools and is nothing to be afraid of. A couple 40" lenghs of 3/16 lines from your local parts store should let you do a safety loop and plumb this in without any cutting or flaring.


Are there metric fitings?

Yes, there are two metric fittings involved withthis kit on the steering side of things. The hydrobooster has two metric threads for the pressure lines. Two adapter fittings are included to go from these to the included 6an hoses. The master cylinder ports are standard.


What fittings does the master cylinder need?

The master cylinder has 7/16 and 9/16 inverted female flare threads. I include the flare adapter fittings to go from these to 3/8" flare (which is the size that common 3/16" brake lines require).



Complete 1967-1979 Ford Truck Super Duty Hydroboost Brake Conversion FB2

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