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This is a cactus smasher, which is a bar that goes onto the front of a classic ford truck and serves to protect the grill of the truck and also to provide a means for mounting lights.

I have four versions (silver / black, light tabs / no light tabs) with my light tabs tested and designed around KC part number 238.
There are two versions of these cactus smashers- one for 1967-1977 trucks, one for 1979 trucks. These had separate bumpers and slightl ydifferent bumper bolt locations. Most 1978 trucks seem to have the earlier bumper but if you have a 1978 truck be sure to know if you have the older or newer style before ordering.
The bumper pictured on the red 1974 F250 is part number C4TZ-17757-D, purchased from Dennis Carpenter. I used this bumper as a jig for assembling and welding these.
This design is my own creation, it is different than the original style.
All parts are sourced, formed, welded, powdercoated and packed in the US! The quality is top notch.
The silver powdercoating requires a clear coat and is more costly, so I charge $25 more for the silver finish.
The light tabs required making a jig and require more welding time, therefore I charge $40 more for the tabs.
Prices with shipping to 48 states:
Black no tabs $350
Black with light tabs $390
Silver no tabs $375
Silver with light tabs $415
I have a gallery page on my website with lots of high quality pictures:

Cactus Smashers for 1973-1979 Ford Trucks CSM1

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