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A cheap and easy way to lift your truck is a set of early Super Duty lift springs like Pro Comp 22415. The ride quality is so so. These brackets are a universal set and are not self locating- they require setup on your end. These work with 1999-2007 springs and they may work with later springs too, at least pre 2017. The main thing to know is that these accept a 5/8" bolt at the forward location. 2017+ springs accept a 7/8" bolt.

Know these things before ordering:
-The forward brackets accept a 5/8 diameter bolt (later springs may need a larger diameter bolt)

-99-07 SD springs are roughly the same length as original. If you go to a longer spring, this may require the forward bracket be positioned where your frame transitions from 37.5" wide to 34". These brackets are square and the angle of the frame at the transistion may cause them to be misaligned. This is only applicable to some frames, not all. If you are wanting to use these with 2008+ leaves in particular, scope out where the brackets need to be and make sure that area is square before ordering. This is part of the reason I have so many variations of brackes for 2017+ springs.

-The shorter the spring, the lesser the ride quality generally speaking

-Oem used SD leaves may not get the lift you are wanting.
-These brackets are not self locating like those for 2017+ leaf springs. You need to set up and drill all the holes.

Included parts:
4 leaf spring brackets
7/16 hardware to hold brackets to the frame

Brackets for 1999-2007 Super Duty Rear Leaf Springs, Universal Style RLBU99

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