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I sell two versions of this kit- one includes a booster and master, and one does not. This listing DOES NOT include the brake booster or master cylinder. You will need to purchase separate.
This is a first of its kind- a bolt in kit designed to work on 1967-1979 Ford F100, F150, F250 and F350 trucks that gives you a later model Super Duty power brake booster and master cylinder! You will get significantly more fluid pressure and volume coming out of this master cylinder. This kit installs in about an hour and requires no cutting or permanent modification. It works with your existing brake pedal.
The master cylinder will have a 1 3/8" (1.375") bore. Your factory master cylinder likely has a bore of 1.00" or 1.25". Assuming you have the larger 1.25" bore, the factory bore size has surface area of 1.227 square inches. A bore of 1 3/8" has surface area of 1.485 square inches. This makes for an increase of about 21% of fluid coming out of the master cylinder as compared to your factory one, with the same amount of brake pedal movement. In other words, goodbye squishy/low brake pedal! This is overkill and maybe too much for drum/drum brakes. this is really meant for disc brakes! 
This brake booster will be a whopping 11" dual diaphram. That's about as big as they get! Most factory 73-39 brake boosters are either a single 9", a single 11" or a dual 9". This Super Duty booster is a dual 11" so it provides roughly double the boosting power as compared to any of the factory options. You will notice a strong increase in stopping power! Now with this booster being so big, valve cover clearance is an issue. This will fit with most V8 engines with factory valve covers. Tall valve covers  do not work with this booster. Pictured is a 360 FE engine and you can see there is about 1" clearance there. Better change those valve cover gaskets before installing this booster!


Original booster types:

Long striaght rod booster- common for most 1976 and older. Note that 1967 had a unique length

Cantilever booster- common for 1977 and 1978. Easily identifiable by looking under the dash and seeing a flat bar connecting to the brake pedal

1979 angled style- common for 1979, the booster sits up and at an angle, with an offset eyelet on the rod connecting to the pedal.


Too see pictures and info of original booster types, copy and past this link into your browser:



This setup puts out about 1600-1700 psi brake fluid pressure with an engine making average vacuum. 

Included parts:
Firewall to SD booster bracket
Custom machined steel bushing designed to mate SD booster eyelet to factory bake pedal
High quality grade 8 hardware for entire install
Not included parts that you need to buy:
Super Duty Brake Booster 1999-2004 style (Motorcraft 5C7Z2005A or Cardone 5474420 or similar)
Super Duty Master Cylinder w/ reservoir, 1999-2004 style (Motorcaft 5C3Z2140MA or Oreilly NMC23201 or similar) 
Brake lines (two 30" length will plumb in the master to the factory proportioning valve)


Optional extras:

I sell the two flare fitting adapters that go into the SD master and have 3/8" female inverted flare fittings. This is the fitting size that common 3/16" brake line nuts have.


Bracket only- 1967-1979 Ford Truck Super Duty Vacuum Brake Conversion VBH

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