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These spring brackets are designed to mount onto 1977.5-1979 Ford F250 4wd trucks, commonly known as lowboys, and allow you to install 2017-21 F150 Raport rear leaf springs, Icon 198510 in particular. They are self locating on oem rivet holes, and require drilling a total of 10 new holes with a 7/16 drill bit.


These work well with either OEM axles or 2005+ SD axles. The spacing from outside of frame to center of leaf spring is the same as that of original single cab and supercab rear leaf brackets. I have not thoroughly measured crew cab original rear leaf brackets.

2017-21 F150 Raptor rear leaf springs offer an exceptionally smooth ride and offraod capability. They still let you do some truck work- but don't be expecting to do heavy towing or hauling with these.

About Icon 198510
These brackets are designed around this part number. They are a great spring and they come from icon with an optional leaf that is NOT installed in the spring pack. If you use the spring pack as is without this optional leaf, it is softer than original F150 Raptor leaves. You can substitute this optional leaf in place of one of the leaves alread installed (Icon gives directions on this) and it slightly firms up the ride and raises the truck about 1". You can also install this optional leaf with all leaves and it will firm up the suspension firmer than original F150 Raptor springs and raises the truck about 2".

Icon gives instructions here. Check out page 3 to see about changing around the optional leaf:
Axle Perch Location:

All 37.5" wide rear frame applications can use these brackets along with original axles or modern super duty 10.5 sterling axles with no cutting or welding of perches. This is most all single cab and supercab applications.

34" wide rear frames- which shuold be all crew cabs- may require cutting and welding of perches to move them closer together. Cutting and welding is entirely required when going to a SD or other axle meant for a 37.5" wide rear frame.

Lift/Adapter Blocks: 1 pin to 2 pin

Lift adapter blocks are necessary to go from a 1 locator pin style that 1970's Fords and Super Duty trucks have, to a 2 locator pin style that modern F150s have. Alternatively, you can cut and weld perches and you don't need an adapter block. With 2 pin perches, you can use F150 lift blocks. If you are already cuttng and welding perches, this is the way to go. Otherwise, an adapter is just fine.

My lift/adapter blocks come in 4 sizes. Each size has a built in angle of 2 degrees. I find this helpful to get the pinion angle correct. The smallest size is 0.85" which is the minimum size these can be fabricated. All of the other three sizes are onch inch increment changes (1.85", 2.85", and 3.85").

I can make custom lift blocks at any size and angle you want, but this is fairly expensive and will have a good amout of lead time (maybe 4 weeks and $200+)


Leaf Spring Plates

Similarly, the top 3/8" thick plates are necessary for the 2 pin F150 leaf. F150s had the U bolts pointed downward with a bracket under the axle to clamp the axle. This block won't work with the wider SD axle. Leaf spring plates allow you to point the U bolts upward instead of downward. Otherwise you could use a plate under the axle tube sourced from a Super Duty.

Rear Support Brackets / Long Shackle
This kit is meant to be used with drop shackles- not becuase of the drop they give, but becuase the large amount of flex these springs give requires longer shackles. The rearward brackets in this kit hold the shackle's pivot point a little lower than ordinary to accomodate longer shackles and not have the shackle interfere with the underside of your bed. The result is a bracket that extends below the frame far enought aht it needs additional support. The included supoprt brackets bolt to the back of the rearward brackets, and bolt to the bottom of your frame with 2 holes that you need to drill per side. If you have a butch receive that sits flush with the outside of your frame, you can attach the rearward brackets to that receiver.

Rear Shocks:
There are endless rear shock options from $50 to $2,000.

The maximnum extended length of your shock, using Icon 198510 and using my upper shock brackets that accept eyelet shocks, is _______

When I search for shocks, I like to go to Summit's website and search through eyelet style shocks by maximnum extended length. Copy and paste this URL:

Included parts:

-4 Leaf spring brackets

-2 support brackets for the rear leaf brackets (the rear brackets sit fairly far below the frame and need the extra support, a pair of 3/8" thick upper leaf spring plates

-Pair of lift/ adapter blocks to go from 1 pin to 2 pin locator

-Pair of 3/8" thick upper leaf plates
-7/16" bolts, nut, and washers to mount brackets to frame
-Pair of M18 x 120mm bolts, nut, washers for spring front eyelets to brackets

You will need to separately purchase these things:
-Rear 2017-21 F150 Raptor leaf springs, Icon 198510 in particular
-Rear shackles meant for 1" drop like Maxtrac 413710 (these longer shackles are needed for the large amount of travel the springs have. Don't use regular shackles)
-U Bolts- upgrade to 5/8"! (see Superlift 11244 for example, but the length depends on your lift blocks). A 10" U bolt is a good bet for my 0.80" lift block or 1.80" lift block

-Two pairs of 5/8" x 5" bolts/lock nuts for the shackles

-7/16" Drill bit

1977.5-1979 F250 4wd Rear Leaf Brackets 2017-21 F150 Raptor Springs F26ARLR

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