This is a very complete kit to install a 2005+ front axle, suspension and steering in your 1977.5 - 1979 F250 4wd pickup. Please note the mid year change. The earlier 77 trucks have divorced transfer cases and in cab fuel tanks. This kit does NOT fit the earlier 1977 F250 trucks comnonly called highboys. This kit should also work on 1979 F350 4wd frames.


This kit is the result of many hours of 3d scanning, engineering in Soldiworks, prototyping, real world testing, and fine tuning. Every aspect of this product's creation and manufacturing is done right here in the US. 


I have a few options not shown- round top spring buckets, 4 link, and custom powdercoat. If interested, message me about these things. 4 Link kits add $1,400 to the price.


Important to Know:

This kit requires engine removal to drill holes through the engine crossmember and the frame rails. Drilling tempaltes are included to take the guess work out of it.


A decent amount of drilling is required for the engine crossmember, track bar bracket, and spring buckets. Check out the instriction page.

No cutting or welding of your frame is required. Welding tubes ends on a piece of DOM tube for the steering drag link is required.


Pages to View Before Purchasing:



Radius Arm Bracket Variations.

I have found at least two frame variations requiring different radius arm brackets. The supercabs and the single cabs each have different frame contours. I have not tested crew cabs, I believe they will take the single cab radius arm brackets but please know this is not well tested. If you have a crew cab, feel free to reach out to me to get a template for testing before you order.


4 Link Otion:

As an alternative to radius arm brackets, I have a 4 link kit that mounts in the same holes on the frame as the radius arm bracket. This can be purchased with the front end kit or at a later date.

Ride Height


I expect this kit to raise your front end about 3". Pictures and measurements to come.


Included parts

There are about 110 LBS of parts in this kit, including:
Spring buckets

Radius arm brackets

Track bar bracket
Plates and machined spacers for steering box installation
Drilling templates for radius arm brackets

Drilling templates for spring buckets (most oem holes are reused)

Drilling templates for track bar bracket

Passenger side bump stop extension, mounts on axle
Hardware for installation, thorough and high quality




1977.5-1979 F250 4wd Lowboy to 2005+Super Duty Front Axle Kit