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This kit ONLY works with Pioneer DMH-C2500NEX or DMH-C2550NEX Modular double din stereos!! It may also work with DMH-C5500NEX but I have not specifically tested. I know these stereos are not cheap but this is the only way to add a double din stereo without cutting up the dash at all (you do have to cut your factory stereo/heater controls metal bracket and the plastic trim piece still, just not the actual dash). Pioneer makes these stereos with a solidly mounted faceplate and a remote body- think of it as a desktop PC with a monitor. you mount the guts of the radio behind the dash out of sight, and the screen mounts to your 73-79 ford dash.
I don't sell the pioneer stereos, you can find them online for about $500 to $1,000. Its a very high quality touchscreen stereo that supports bluetooth, apple carplay, backup cameras, etc etc. all the bells and whistles and excellent sound quality.
This listing is for 2 separate flat brackets- one bolts in place of your original stereo, the other bolts to the Pioneer faceplate, and the two brackets have alignment holes to precisely mate them together. They are painted satin black.
The difference between DMH-C2500NEX and DMH-C2550NEX is that the 2550 comes with a wireless remove and is Maestro compatible. Maestro requires OBD2 so you probably don't care about this but either way the 2550 is the only version that seems to be available as of 2021

1973-79 Ford Double Din Stereo Bracket SB2

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