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A few things to know before buying this:

-Yes this works on 1978/79 Broncos

-1975 and older trucks require going to a later steering box with a forward pointing pitman arm, or cutting  up your engine crossmember and adding a 2005-07 SD steering box. Earlier trucks have rear pointing pitman arms that interfere with this new track bar bracket.

-This will come in two steering box options: A kit that lets you reuse your original steering box, and a kit that requires replacing your engine crossmember and installing a 2005-07 SD steering box.

-When you reuse your original steering box, no cutting or welding is required. When you go to a SD steering box, there is significant cutting and welding required.

-If you half a half ton 4wd with leaf springs (most supercabs), do not buy this kit. You need my F250 4wd lowboy kit.

This is a very complete kit to install a 2005+ front axle, suspension and optionally steering in your 1968-79 F150 4wd pickup.


This kit is the result of many hours of 3d scanning, engineering in Soldiworks, prototyping, real world testing, and fine tuning. Every aspect of this product's creation and manufacturing is done right here in the US.



Pages to View Before Purchasing:

The gallery page is for f250 lowboys, but you can expect the same height results


Radius Arm Bracket Options.

Radius arm brackets come in two different heights. The smaller brakcets hold the radius arm close to the frame and work great with oem used SD coils. The larger bracket holds the radius arm pivot point lower to accomodate lift springs and maintain correct caster. These are good for up to a 4" lift spring.

Aftermarket radius arms can be used with either of these brackets, but if you are using caster correcting radius arms, go with the smaller version because you won't need the additional caster from the brackets.


4 Link Otions:

As an alternative to radius arm brackets, I have a three different 4 link kits that mounts in the same holes on the frame as the radius arm bracket. This can be purchased with the front end kit or at a later date.

The "low lift" option has the upper tubes attached to the side of the frame rails, and the tubes are formed into an "S" shape to accomplish this. This gives you a good amount more ground clearance than radius arms. This works well with oem used SD springs or 2" lift springs. So this is for runnign a 33 to 35" tire. Note that even though these are called "low lift", they have no effect on the height of the truck, they just work well with less lift.

The "high lift"  link has all 4 tubes mounting under neath the frame. It gives ground clearance similar to Super Duty Radius arms and accomodates a wider range of heights. It pairs well with oem used SD coil springs, 2" lift springs, 4" lift springs, and 6" lift springs (although I have not actually tested with 6" lift springs). This works great for 35 to 37" tires.

The "huge lift" option uses massive 2" OD DOM tubes, the biggest rod ends on the market, and large brackets on the frame. This is meant for a skyjcker 8.5" lift springs and at least 40" tires. This requires you go to high steering and a fabricated track bar bracket. Message before ordering- there may be lead time.

Spring Buckets

Spring buckets only come in one height option. Your lif theight will be set with the coil springs. They will be a hex top appearance. If you want a round top and are ok with additional charge and lead time, send me a message before ordering.

Track Bar Bracket

Track bar brackets come in two versions- one that is for use with am oem steering box, and one that is for use with a SD steering box. The pitman arms are at different locations and the correct TBB keeps the drag link parallel with the track bar. If you are doing a conversion with a huge lift, you may need a customer track bar setup.


Ride Height

I expect this kit to raise your front end about 2 to 3" when used with used oem SD coil springs. Pictures and measurements of lowboy trucks in the link above will give you a very close idea of what to expect.

Engine Crossmember Replacement

An option on this conversion is cutting out your existing engine crossmember and installing a new one provided by us. The new crossmember is engineered to be 100% located off of oem holes. We take the guess work out of it, but it is still work. You will use the included drilling templates on the outside of the frame rails to drill new holes, those new holes let you bolt in the engine crossmember, then you weld it together. You don't need any fixtures or careful measuring. You'll want to remove the engine for this. The new crossember is made of 3/16 steel and plenty heavy duty. This is likely going to be required for 1975 and earlier conversions. Maybe you can insstall a 1976-79 steering box- that is not something we have tried.


Included parts

There are about 110 LBS of parts in this kit, including:
Spring buckets

Radius arm brackets

Track bar bracket w/ strap
Optional plates and machined spacers for steering box installation
Optional engine crossmember replacement
Drilling templates for radius arm brackets

Drilling templates for spring buckets (most oem holes are reused)

Drilling templates for track bar bracket

Passenger side bump stop extension, mounts on axle

Transmission / transfer case crossmember support brackets (to replace the oem ones)
Hardware for installation, thorough and high quality


The buckets, radius arm brackets (or 4 link), and track bar bracket are powdercoated black.




1967-79 F100 F150 4wd to 2005+Super Duty Front Axle Kit SDAF16

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