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This is a very complete kit to install a 2005+ front axle, suspension and steering in your 1967 - 1977 F250 4wd highboy. It is designed to be as close to bolt in as possible and uses existing factory drilled bolt holes and rivet holes. With the right planning and preparation, this can be a one day project. The handling, ride quality and braking of your highboy will be dramatically improved going to a Super Duty Dana 60 and coil suspension.

These brackets are laser cut, cnc bent, welded, and powdercoated right here in the USA. I have spent 6 months and many prototypes designing these so they would be nothing short of the highest possible quality.

I include plates to add a 2005-07 Super Duty steering gear box. Your factory power assist won't work and a 78/79 F250 4wd steering box won't work because it will turn the  wrong way when you point the pitman arm towards the front of the truck. The steering conversion requires significant cutting and welding to the crossmember. This is the most difficult part of the whole conversion. You may have another solution to the steering box but either way the Super Duty steering box conversion is a tremendous upgrade of itself.

I have a thorough write up on the conversion process on my website. Please read through this before ordering.


Written instructions are only on my website, not printed. See this page:


A photo gallery with lots of pictures of a completed truck is here:


Radius Arm Bracket Options.

Radius arm brackets come in two different heights. The smaller brakcets hold the radius arm close to the frame and work great with oem used SD coils. The larger bracket holds the radius arm pivot point lower to accomodate lift springs and maintain correct caster. These are good for up to a 4" lift spring.

Aftermarket radius arms can be used with either of these brackets, but if you are using caster correcting radius arms, go with the smaller version because you won't need the additional caster from the brackets.


4 Link Otions:

As an alternative to radius arm brackets, I have a three different 4 link kits that mounts in the same holes on the frame as the radius arm bracket. This can be purchased with the front end kit or separately at a later date.

The "low lift" option has the upper tubes attached to the side of the frame rails, and the tubes are formed into an "S" shape to accomplish this. This gives you a good amount more ground clearance than radius arms. This works well with oem used SD springs or 2" lift springs. So this is for running a 33 to 37" tire. Note that even though these are called "low lift", they have no effect on the height of the truck, they just work well with less lift.

The "high lift"  link has all 4 tubes mounting under neath the frame. It gives ground clearance similar to Super Duty Radius arms and accomodates a wider range of heights. It pairs well with 2" lift SD springs, 4" lift SD springs, and 6" lift SD springs (although I have not actually tested with 6" lift springs). This works great for 37" or 38" tires.

The "mega lift" option uses massive 2" OD DOM tubes, the biggest rod ends on the market, and large brackets on the frame. This is meant for a skyjacker 8.5" lift springs and 40" tires. This much lift requires you go to high steering and a fabricated track bar bracket. Message before ordering- there may be lead time.

Spring Buckets

Spring buckets only come in one height option. Your lift height will be set with the coil springs. They will be a hex top appearance. If you want a round top and are ok with additional charge and lead time, send me a message before ordering.

Track Bar Bracket

Track bar brackets are welded by the customer for this application and come in two versions- one that is for use with an oem SD pitman arm, and one that is for use with a drop SD pitman arm.


Included parts:

Radius arm brackets, welded and powdercoated black

Coil spring buckets with provision for shocks, welded and powdercoated black

Plates and spacers for 05-07 steering box conversion

Machined rod ends and lock buts for 1.5" DOM tube and a left hand tie rod end for the pitman arm to SD tie rod end connection

Hardware- a LOT of hardware and all high grade. For spring buckets, control arm brackets, steering conversion, track bar, control arms, etc.




Parts you need to purchase separate (all off of 2005+ Super Duty):

Front axle, 2005-2016

Coil springs, 2005-2016

Shocks, (factory height SD shocks work with factory height SD springs), 2005-2016

Radius Arms, 2005-2016

Steering box and pitman arm, 2005-2007 only

Length of 1" ID 1.5" OD dom tubing such as TU1031 from summit racing

Rubber flexibe brake hoses, 2005 F350 hoses work well

Track bar, 2005-2016

Wheels and tires (metric pattern and at least 17" wheels)

Two 3/16" brake lines and flare unions for connecting front factory brake lines to SD rubber flexible lines.


I highly recommend replacing ball joints, tie rod ends, track bar bushing and ball joint while you are doing this project.


International Orders: 

Please be aware that my website can not calculate shipping accurately for international orders. These kits ship in two boxes, and my website calculates it as if it is one box. The actual shipping cost will be nearly double what you are seeing for international shipping. Some rough shipping numbers to expect are $350 to Canada and $600+ to Europe. Message me for a quote before purchasing. 


1967-77 F250 4wd Highboy Super Duty Coil Spring Axle Conversion Kit SDAF26B

  • Returns accepted within 60 days of purchase date. 10% restocking fee if parts not installed, 25% or more restocking fee depending on condition if parts installed

  • All steel parts warrantied to be free from defect for the lifetime of the product. I do not cover any damage to your vehicle or other parts that I do not sell.

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