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This is a very complete kit to install a 2005+ front axle, suspension and steering in your 1967 - 1979 F350 2wd pickup. This kit is the result of many hours of 3d scanning, engineering in Soldiworks, prototyping, real world testing, and fine tuning. Every aspect of this product's creation and manufacturing is done right here in the US. 


Pages to View Before Purchasing:


Radius Arm Bracket Variations.

It is important that you view the pictures in the link but this is a good starting point to understanding what parts to order: 

F35A: 1977-1979 F350, non Supercab

F35B*: 1973-1976 F350, non Supercab

F35C: F1967-1972, F350, non Supercab

X35A: 1977-1979 F350, Supercab only (plus some F250 Supercabs of the same years)

X35B: 1975-1975 F350, Supercab only (plus some F250 Supercabs of the same years)

Note: this will not fit any 1979 F350 4wd trucks


*for F35B in particular, I have found that there are variations in the contour of the bottom of the frame. If you have an F35B frame, please contact me before ordering and I can mail you a template.


For every above frame type, I have three options- the standard height bracket that sits further below the frame (which is a good match for standard height buckets and oem 2005+ springs), the drop version that holds the radius arm about 2.75" closer to the frame (which is a good match for drop height buckets and oem 2005+ springs), and 4 Link which bracket does not accpet any SD radius arm


Here is a link to pictures of the various frame, at the location of the radius arm bracket which is about 16" behind the front cab mount: 


(Link coming soon) For now email me a picture and/or reach out to me for a drilling template to test fitment.


4 Link Otion:

As an alternative to radius arm brackets, I have a 4 link kit that mounts in the same holes on the frame as the radius arm bracket. This can be purchased with the front end kit or at a later date. More informatin can be found on the separate listing for the 4 link kit.

Here is a picture gallery specific to the 4 link kit (there are non f350's pictured here but you get the idea)

Engine Crossmembers

There are two main versions of engine crossmember, and this maes a difference in which steering box plate I send.

8" crossmember: 8" on top, 10" on bottom, measuring front to back. Most 1974 and newer F350 and F250 trucks seem to have this.


11" crossmeber: 11" on top, 12.75" on bottom, measuring front to back. Most 1973 and older F350 trucks seem to have this.


NOTE: if you have the extended crossmember commonly found on bumpsides, material needs to be cut on the drier side of this crossmember for steering box clearance. I include a cutting template and then a filler piece to weld in. Fairly easy job, but a pain with the engine in please. You may want to remove the radiator fan and radiator to make this easier.


Spring Buckets


There are two variations of spring buckets- a standard height version raises the truck approximately 7 inches to allow for clearance of the engine crossmember. The "drop" version is three inches taller and therefore raises the truck 4 inches and requires cuttng and welding of your engine crossmember. The drop version has more of a factory 4wd appearance rather than a lifted appearance. Keep in mind with those lift numbers that you will likely go to a larger tire, and the tire will add more lift. In general if you want to have 37" or larger tires, go with the standard kit. Smaller tires, go with the drop kit. You may want a 2" lift spring for 35" tires- I have no specifically tested that. 


In the future (perhaps spring or summer 2022) I plan on offering a round top bucket option at an added cost. This is not yet available. 



Track Bar Bracket

The track bar bracket is designed to keep the axle centered under the frame when used with the standard height buckes and oem coil SD coil springs. It is possible that you may need an adjustable track bar, even with standard height buckets and oem coils. I recommend testing out the converion with an oem Super Duty track bar, and if the axle is not centered your best solution will be to get an adjustable track bar bracket. If you plan on adding a significant amount of lift, I am able to make a drop track bar bracket as a special order item.


Drilling, Cutting, and Welding Requirements 

Here is a summary of the permanent modifications you will need to perform on your truck:

  • Remove rivets holding on spring buckets, transmission crossmember, front suspension arms
  • Drill 2 or 3 new holes in bottom flange of frame at radius arm bracket location
  • Drill out existing trans crossmember holes to accomodate 1/2" bolts
  • 4 link- requires drilling out one single trans crossmember hole to 9/16"
  • Drilling two 9/16" holes for steering box bolts
  • Cutting top of flange of frame rail for one steering box bolt to accomodate 7/8" OD steel sleeve, and weld this sleeve in top flange of frame
  • Welding in steering box plate in front of engine crossmember


Installation Instructions

Please review these instructions here before purchasing. No paper instructions are included. For now I only have these F250 instructions. The F350 kits are 90% the same procedue just with slightly different looking parts:





1967-1979 F350 2wd to 2005+Super Duty Front Axle Kit SDAF35

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