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This sytem is based on a 1957 F600. It likely fits other years of medium duty Fords, but I do not have that information. This system is meant for these mounting specs: 3.5" horizontal and 2.375" vertical.

This is a complete bolt in kit designed to work on 1950s Ford medium duty F600- and similar trucks that gives you a firewall mounted Super Duty hydroboost brake booster and master cylinder. It comes with mounting brackets, booster, master cylinder, steering plumbing, and brake line adapters for 7/16 tube nut which are commonly on 1/4" lines.


Master Cylinder

This comes with a1.5" bore Super Duty master cylinder with driver side ports. This is a fairly large bore size and this gives a firm pedal feel. It works well with original drum brakes.


A 1999-2004 style Super Duty hydroboost booster is included. This is a powerful and reliable booster. It plumbs into a power steering pump with included 6AN hoses and fittings.

This setup puts out about 2000 psi as well as a large amount of fluid and should be a good match for medium duty drum brakes or moden disc brake conversions. It is significantly more powerful than an original system.


Included parts with this kit:

Firewall to SD booster bracket, painted black

Super Duty Hydroboost Booster 1999-2004 style (Motorcraft BRB33 or equivalent)

Super Duty Master Cylinder (Motorcaft 5C3Z2140MA or equivalent)

Custom steel bushing designed to mate SD booster eyelet to factory bake pedal
6AN steering plumbing

High quality grade 8 hardware for entire install

Flare adapter fittings- to connect standard 7/16" inverted flare fittings to the master cylinder (common on 1/4" lines)
Flare plugs- for the unnecesssary ports on the MC


These brackets are designed, laser cut, and formed right here in the USA. The parts supplied with them are top quality

1957 Ford F600 Super Duty Hydroboost Booster Master Kit F6HB4

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