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This is a complete and 100% bolt in Air conditioning kit for 1955 or 1956 Buick Century and Specials. It uses a Modern Sanden 508 style air conditioning pump (and brackets to mount it on your 322 nailhead), a modern evaporator, a modern aluminum condenser, a trinary switch that controls the pump and an electric fan that sits behind the condenser, and includes all lines and hardware to install! All hoses are included! You will be shocked ar how complete this kit is- it is not a universal kit shoehorned into these Buicks. These parts are designed and built from the ground up specifically for your Buick!

The firewall mounted evaporator and box bolt up to your factory bolt holes on the passenger side firewall and your factory blower motor housing attaches to it, so the rest of your heater, blower motor controls and everything under your dash are completely unaffected. It gives MORE clearance than a factory non air conditioning box on the engine side. So it works great for original engines or even swaps with larger engines. The housing is made out of Plasma CNC cut 14 gauge steel, mig welded together, with insulation on the inside to avoid heat soak. 
The Condenser comes with mounting brackets that bolt to the front side of your inner fenders behind the grill. the condenser is then screwed to those brackets. absolutely no cutting or modifications to your car. the 14" electric fan fits behind the condenser, out of sight, and is controlled by a trinary switch that cycles it on and off so it is only on when it is needed. It draws about 9 amps, moves a fair amount of air, and is relatively quiet. 
Whats includes? 
Firewall mounted evaporator box, and evaporator 
Accumulator (hidden, sits near bottom passenger side of evap box) 
AC pump and bracket to mount on 322 engine 
Condenser and brackets
All AC lines ready to bolt in. Measured and test fit on a 1956 Buick Special to ensure proper fitment. 
Trinity switch- inline on hot side AC line
14" slim profile name brand electric fan for condenser
electric fan relay kit (connect to power, and to trinity switch, directions included) 
new insulated ducting to go from firewall box to cabin, by heater core
What do you need to complete this kit? 
Your working factory blower motor and housing 
A basic switch from inside the cabin to turn the ac on and off
New V belt for ac pump / generator 
A shop to charge the AC refrigerant 

15630 v belt.

Again, absolutely no cutting or modification required to your car. this is 100% bolt in, and it goes in far easier than any universal kit on the market! 
It uses modern style AC components so the air coming out of your vents will feel just as cold as any new car from the 21st century. 
Will not fit any other cars!

1955 and 1956 Buick Special Century Air Conditioning Kit- Complete Bolt in A/C

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