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This is a complete bolt in kit that uses a modern power booster and dual circuit master cylinder mounted to the firewall using the bolt holes for the factory air box. It includes a new brake pedal that swings from a higher location (looks like it could be original too). A modern GM booster and master cylinder give a significantly improved braking feel and power while adding safety through the dual circuit system. Also included is a new sheet metal piece that bolts in below the steering column. this is required as a result of interference between the new brake pedal and the original brake pedal mounting tabs. 
This can be used with factory drums, disc/ drum or disc/ disc. Let me know what brakes you have at check out and I will send the correct proportioning valve. 
It will have the pedal feel of a modern car- minimal effort required with a positive and firm feel. No more soft or sloppy pedal! 
Installation is fairly straightforward- no cutting required, this kit doesn't involve anything permanent that can't be undone in a couple hours! You have to remove the driver side air box, vent door, master cylinder, master cylinder mounting plate, and then this kit bolts in. Brake lines are included and pre-bent. Installation time is about 4 hours. 
Brake Lines: Two brake lines are included. One goes from rear proportioning valve to the original junction block mounted to the driver side frame rail in place of the line that originally lead to the front brakes (no cutting or flaring needed).  The other brake line goes from the front of the new proportioning valve to the factory T junction block located near the front driver side wheel and feeds the front brakes (again no cutting or flaring needed). Finally, the brake light switch is relocated from the original master cylinder that is no longer being used to the port on the factory frame mounted junction, where the original master cylinder use to enter. (a proper flare to npt fitting is included). 
Does NOT fit the smaller Special and Century, or any other years. This is only for a 1954. 1955 or 1956 Buick Roadmaster or Super.
This kit comes with everything including proportioning valve, brake lines, and hardware! All you need is brake fluid and a port on your intake to plug into vacuum. 
Also, you will have more room in the valve cover area that the original air box. so it clears all original 322 engines just fine, and will provide additional clearance for vehicles with a swapped engine. 
The firewall box has water drain spouts and new drain hose is included. water will be able to drain out from the windshield area just as factory. 
The power steering column is held in place by a bracket that attaches to the factory air box. This kit includes an adjustable bracket that performs the same job. It works well but is not easy to bolt in. Very doable, but will require someone who is fairly flexible. 
What you get: 
  • Firewall box 
  • Brake pedal bracket, goes through air vent hole 
  • Brake pedal W/ Bushings and rubber pad 
  • Steering column bracket (the factory air box held the steering column in place, this does the same job using factory steering column bolt holes) 
  • Interior, below steering column firewall cover plate w/ weatherstripping
  • GM style brake booster
  • GM style master cylinder 
  • All new high quality bolts 
  • 2X 3/16" brake lines- custom cut, bent, and flared
  • Proportioning Valve + metal lines (mounts beneath MC, pictured)  
  • 3/8 Vacuum hose
  • Water drain hose, same style and function as factory 
  • Misc. hardware 
Chrome Parts are available. Brake Booster and Master Cylinder in chrome is +$60.
All metal parts are CAD designed, laser cut, formed on a computer controlled press brake, professionally welded, and painted satin black for consistent high quality results.

1954-56 Buick Roadmaster / Super Power Brake Conversion kit G10A

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