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Ford Booster Types 1967-1979

Parrallel to firewall and longer rod to pedal

Common for 1967-1977

Notice the booster rod going to the pedal is round and the eyelet is centered with the rod

booster1 (1).jpg
503112-rit__ra_p (1).jpg


Common for 1977-1978

Notice the short booster rod does not directly pass through the firewall, but instead connects to a lever system and a flat bar connects to the brake pedal. The booster sits higher up on the firewall than the other boosters

503009-rit__ra_p (1).jpg

Angled pedal rod and offset eyelet

Common for 1979

Notice the angle of the booster's rod that connects to the pedal and the eyelet offset from that rod


Each of these three styles comes in at least two variations- dual diaphragm, single diaphragm, etc. Every now and then I run into boosters that look like the first type but for some reason have a shorter rod connecting to the pedal. This is not a complete and 100% accurate list, it is a simplification and summary of the many variations of brake booster options in the 60s and 70s for Ford trucks.

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