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F600 Booster Upgrade
F600 (and F500) trucks of the 1960s and 1970s had a couple original brake booster options, neither of which has proven to be reliable. This system I offer is a bolt on Super Duty booster setup that has an 11" dual diaphragm vacuum booster and either a 1 3/8" bore master or a 1 1/2" bore master. Applications with a lever assembly inside the firewall (pictured below) should use a 1 3/8" bore master as this lever multiplies movement to increase fluid volume / decrease fluid pressure. Applications with a direct connection to the pedal should use a 1 1/2" bore master. This maintains appropriate fluid volume and pressure to the large drums.

1975 F600 1.jpg

F600 Lever Connection Pictured Below
Note how the lever works- movement to the booster increases, pressure decreases (1975 F600 pictured)


F600 Direct Pedal Connection Pictured Below

1972 F600 pictured

1972 F600 1.jpg
1972 F600 2.jpg

Original Systems for Reference
These trucks either had a slave cylinder on the firewall and booster under the cab, or a booster mounted directly on the firewall. 1972 F600 is first picture, 1975 F600 is second.

1975 f600 2.jpg

Mounting Dimensions
Please double check these dimensions before ordering.


SD Booster Installed
Pics coming soon

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