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1973-1979 Ford truck fabricated front bumper
Mounting Brackets
All bumpers require separate purchase of mounting brackets

There are four types of mounting brackets depending on the forward section of frame rail on you truck. If you are not sure of which you need, please email pictures of your frame

Type 1: Highboy/F350/some crew cab:

This is the easiest to identify type- these frames do not allow a bumper to be directly mounted to the frame and have bumper brackets from the factory


Type 2: Lowboy 1977.5-79 F250 4wd:

The Later 4wd F250 and also supercab half ton 4wd with leaf spring front ends require this bracket that clears the original leaf spring brackets. The below picture is with a winch crossmember installed so your leaf spring mounting system will look a little different


Type 3: Frame horns with flatter underside:

All other frame rails with a bumper mounting directly to the frame will be either type 3 or 4. These are similar so please check close. The easiest way to check is holding a tape measure or a straight edge out one foot on the bottom from of the frame. If this forward 12" is straight, then you need a type 3 bracket. See type 4 for reference


Type 4: Frame horns with angled underside:

Type 4 frame rail brackets are for frames with this angle roughly 8" back from the front. Compare this to Type 3 as they are close.

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