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These pictures and measurements are meant to help with setting up 2017+ rear leaf springs in applications where my brackets are not a direct match for your frame and measuring is required before drilling

The red truck is a highboy, but the measurements will be the same for any application

All pictures are showing the driver side


First, I made a dot with a sharpie shown at the 33" mark below. this is the center point over top of my axle. this is easily found by using your bump stop or other feature in the frame


Measurement 1    33"

Center of from mounting point (the 7/8" hole) to axle center point on frame (my sharpie mark)

The below picture is to give you an idea of how I was measuring but only having two hands I was not able to hold the other end of the tape on the center of the bolt.


Measurement 2   33" (again!)

Next we'll measure from the center of the 5/8 shackle mounting point (note not from the rear leaf spring eyelet) to center of my sharpie mark over top the axle.


Measurement 3   66.25"

There is some slop in the above measurement because I did not measure in exactly horizontal lines because of the minor contour to the frame. Now this third measurement is measuring from the far end of the rear bracket's 5/8 bolt head (note NOT FROM CENTER OF THE BOLT) to the far end of the 7/8 front mounting bolt. It's easier to measure like this than center to center if you don't have a second set of hands. 

Below is starting at rear bracket and measuring to front

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